Why opt for gluten-free flour?


Cooking with gluten-free flours can actually be a bit tricky. However, it is really worth using it. Most of the time when you have delicious desserts you feel a sense of guilt within you. This is because you know that you have something that is not good for your health. But you can use gluten-free whole grains and make desserts that can be quite healthy. But one thing that you need to remember is that when you are baking with these flours, you should not add sugar to it. Otherwise, it will increase your weight.

Here is a list of some of the best gluten free low carb flour:

  • Brown Rice Flour

This kind of flour adds nutrition as well as fibre to your diet. It helps in reducing cholesterol and also helps in weight loss. It also gives a crumbly texture to the baked items. It is also available at a very affordable price.

  • White Rice Flour

This kind of flour is used for making pastry as well as shortbread. It adds a bit of texture and lightness to it. If it is combined with the high protein flours, then it will add texture to the baking products and will also add a proper structure to it.

  • Rolled Oats flour

The oats flour has a very high content of protein and fibre. It is therefore quite nutritious. It adds texture, taste as well as structure to the baked products. It also contains lignans that actually protect all kinds of heart diseases. It also prevents cancer.

  • Chick pea flour

This kind of flour is highly nutritious because it has a very high amount of protein present in it. It adds a good texture as well as moisture to the baked items. The colour of this flour is cream, and it tastes like sweet beans.

If you want to opt for a gluten-free diet, then you can definitely choose one of the flours mentioned above. This will help you to maintain a healthy digestive system, and this is especially suitable for people who are allergic to gluten. Moreover, some of these flours also have a low amount of carbohydrate. So they help you to maintain a good weight.