GPS Tracking Device Expands Peace Of Mind Benefits


There may be no better way to gain security and safety than by installing a GPS tracking device. Many people think of a GPS tracking device as something that simply allows car, truck and SUV owners to know where their vehicle is if it gets stolen. That’s certainly a terrific benefit. A GPS tracking device may even shave money off your auto insurance. But the US Fleet Tracking AT-V4 GPS device has expanded benefits that can provide greater peace of mind. And, most do-it-yourselfers can install one easily.

Expanded GPS Tracking Device Benefits

The latest US Fleet Tracking device does far more that car navigation systems. Those devices tell you where to go and how long it might take to get there. A GPS tracking device can provide expanded benefits that include data compilation about routes, driving habits, and transmit that information through 4G LTE connectivity. Yes, the US Fleet Tracking devices are not your parents’ navigation systems.

Personal GPS Tracking Device Benefits

The new AT-V4 GPS device has both professional and personal tracking benefits. Consider that you are lending your vehicle to a son or daughter going to the prom, on a date, or long-distance road trip. Regardless of how old they get, they will always be your child and you will worry from time to time. The US Fleet Tracking device can provide real-time connectivity that provides peace of mind. If your loved one breaks down in a remote area, you will know, with certainty, their exact location and be able to send roadside assistance. Peace of mind about your child: priceless.

Latest GPS Tracking Device Is Easy To Install

Having a professional install your device can make the experience hassle free. But, if you are handy, they are not particularly difficult for the average DIY person to manage. US Fleet Tracking puts a great deal of emphasis on customer satisfaction. In terms of installing the AT-V4 GPS tracking device and other products, they have created a step-by-step installation video. The instructor starts by going over the tools required and moves slowly through the standard process. One of the great things about these types of videos is that you can pause, back up and play it in spurts as you conduct a DIY install.

The AT-V4 GPS tracking device, like other US Fleet Tracking products, offers simple three-wire hard installation and includes a tamper-resistant backup battery to ensure connectivity if the vehicle suffers a breakdown. Although the company’s GPS tracking device products are relatively inexpensive, there’s simply no way to put a dollar value on constant connectivity. Overcoming a single roadside hardship or peace of mind makes installing a US Fleet Tracking product worthwhile.