Ideal Modern Corner Fireplaces For Every Home


When remodeling a house, most people opt to add a modern corner fireplace. Fireplaces not only heat up a home but they also improve its aesthetic value. Contemporary designs have high heat efficiency, and they are affordable to many. Highlighted below are different types of corner fireplaces.

  • Wood burning fireplaces
  • Gas burning fireplaces
  • Electric fireplaces

Wood Burning Corner Fireplaces
Watching and listening to a fire crackling and snapping has a soothing effect on people. Although wood-powered hearth has been in existence for a while, they are still common in various homes. They include:
Open Hearth
They are usually made of brick or stone, and whenever you are near them, you feel, hear and smell burning wood as it crackles. Although they have an authentic feel, they have a slightly lower heat efficiency compared to that of other modern models. Unique skills are required when constructing the chimney and the opening for adequate air circulation.
Fireplace Inserts
They are specially designed to fit in an existing corner fireplace by sliding them into its opening. Fireplace inserts are often enclosed enabling you to increase an open hearth system’s efficiency.
Enclosed Corner Fireplaces
The fireplace has a huge glass panel that allows you to feel a fire’s ambiance. It minimizes the amount of heat lost through the chimney while increasing that spreading to other rooms. It has high heat efficiency.
Gas Burning Fireplaces
They don’t emit carbon monoxide while burning and have high heat intensity than wood-burning fireplaces. Gas-powered fireplaces need minimum construction and reconstruction during installation. Comes in various modes, including;
Non-vent Built-in Gas Corner Fireplaces
It is the most accessible modern corner fireplace design to install as it doesn’t need a chimney and a vent. They produce a blue flame that is common in burning gas. Although efforts are made to maintain their heat efficiency and quality flame, some contaminants can alter its system.
Vented Built-in Corner Fireplaces
These direct-vented models are vented by a new or an old chimney. Alternatively, you can fix a plastic pipe to minimize changes in your home’s structure when installing the fireplace. They emit a yellow flame whose authentic feel is similar to that of wood-burning stoves.
Electric Fireplaces
These are the most cost-effective models as you can easily install them. They allow you to switch a heating function while maintaining a fire-like ambiance. Most models have an automatic heater which is remote-controlled hence enabling complete user customization.

Top 5 Fireplace Style Designs
Fireplaces need top notch designs to bring out elegance in every home. Here are top five styles:
1. Space Creator Fireplace
It is in three different configurations (Space Creator 120, Space Creator 120 Mini and Space Creator 120 Medium).The fireplace is three-sided and frameless. It also has clear glass, a steady blue flame, remote control and a control box.
2. Three-sided Fireplace
It is the best outdoor fireplace model that offers you a three-sided view. You can also use it as a supporting platform for a bar. The fireplace is energy efficient and easy to maintain.
3. Front Facing Fireplace
You can integrate this design into your wall to have a contemporary feeling. It has a glass front and a balanced gas flue. Front facing fireplaces are available in two heights, 55cm and 35cm. It has a beautiful bed, a battery-powered control box, and remote control.
4. Tunnel Fireplace
Tunnel fireplace is available in different external dimensions. You can place it adjacent to a wall or in the middle of a room, and it offers an ambient electric feel. It has a black mirrored glass and steel casing on its sides that gives it a sophisticated appearance.
5. Corner Fireplace 
It can be placed on the shortest or the longest wall of a room. However, you need to adjust your furniture’s arrangement to create adequate space for the fireplace. It should be positioned at an angle.

As a homeowner owner in an urban setting, you can quickly design a modern corner fireplace that meets your needs and is within your budget. However, you should consider some critical factors such as the desired heat intensity and blend to your home design.