Young Filmmakers Have Started To Use Crowdfunding to Fund Their Early Projects


A crew of young and enthusiastic filmmakers from the Symbiosis Center For Media And Communication, led by Utkarsh Goel, is about to make their degree film, and like many other creative artists of their age and place of relative inexperience, have found themselves without enough funds to put their film together. So far, they have shot footage with cell phone cameras, because they don’t have a proper one. Enthusiasm and the willingness to work hard on limited resources have pushed them through this far, but now work on the film is about to stop because these young Turks have exhausted pocket money endowments and gifts made by friends from their own student allowances.

The fact that other Symbiosis students have already made unofficial contributions to this project is not surprising, because Utkarsh and his friends are making a film about friendship and camaraderie. At the center of their story is a group of friends on their last day of college, deciding to exorcise the demons of their disagreements and conflicts through open confrontation and complete honesty with each other. They do this because they want to leave college as the truest of friends without ghosts of unhappiness between them, as this might be the last time they will ever meet.

Utkarsh has spoken to a lot of people both on the Symbiosis campus and outside it, people of all ages and of both genders, asking for their feedback on this idea, and he has been met unanimously with the warmest and most positive responses. This is a story people want to hear, a film they want to see, because they can relate to it at a very human, personal, and intimate level. Everybody who’s been to college and lived through the last day is anticipating the making of this film, with nostalgia fuelling expectation and eagerness.

Utkarsh has started crowdfunding on crowdfunding India platform Impact Guru to raise funds for this project that is so close to the hearts of numberless people everywhere in India. For a good camera and lighting and set expenses, they set a modest target of forty thousand rupees. Their fundraising video and active social media sharing ensured that they surpassed their target in just two weeks!

Like Utkarsh, any aspiring filmmaker can choose to opt for film crowdfunding to get help with funds for their upcoming projects. All they have to do is to start a crowdfunding campaign at the get go!