5 restaurants in the US that serve food with cannabis


Hungry for something different? Level up your cravings with cannabis-infused food, as restaurants in the U.S. have increasingly jumped in on the latest trend.

Where to dine that offers the best cannabis culinary adventure? You’re in luck. Here are top five restaurants in the U.S. where you can get your gastronomic adventure satisfied.

  1. Closed Door Supper Club

Cannabis is legalized in San Diego since Jan. 1 this year. The Closed Door Supper Club celebrated the momentous occasion with a menu that features cannabis-infused foods. Marie Daniels, who manages the club, claims that they want to offer something new to customers. At the same time, it gives her chef friends the freedom to let their imaginations run wild with new recipes that are infused with cannabis.

Her pop-up diners do not come cheap as they carry a price tag from $70 to $225 per person. Customers will get to eat a course that is infused with up to three milligrams of THC or CBD oil. The clients can rate the menu if it is okay to their liking or not by flipping up or down a card given to them.

  1. Lego Optimo

What makes Lego Optimo different is that they allow smoking cannabis in between meals rather than include cannabis to their food. The restaurant collaborated with San Diego dispensary Urbn Leaf to give tours and education about the cannabis industry, including known growers.

A customer will be served four courses accompanied with four strains of cannabis. Their next event will be on Mar. 15, and the price range starts from $135 to $185 depending on how large the group is.

  1. Popcultivate

The man behind Popcultivate is chemist turned chef Chris Yang. His famous invention is a thyme-and-CBD-laced green tea called “Capri Sun.” Situated in Los Angeles, private weed dinners such as Popcultivate, are somehow secretive in nature. A diner can expect to pay anything from $100 to $500 per person depending on the course meal.

  1. The Gathering

Sevan Abdessian and Kris Morningstar have launched a pop-up diner called The Gathering. They serve a menu which is infused by not more than 55 milligrams of cannabis. A customer can expect to pay $250, which includes a five-set course, wine and cannabis. A popular part of their menu is the Aleppo pepper-crusted hamachi with pot ponzu, and dry-aged duck breast with pistachio-sativa puree.

  1. Oh Man!

Oh Man! plans to merge cannabis with Japanese food staples such as sashimi, ramen and gyoza. The brains behind Oh Man! is Luke Reyes from Butchers & Barbers. The menu will be infused with CBD oil, flowers or infused oils. A diner can expect to pay $100, and the course comes with a free NSFW World T-shirt.

Some diners will be required to be of certain age to be allowed in these cannabis restaurants.

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With more and more states in the U.S. legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical use, one of the industries that are set to benefit is the food and restaurant industry. This means additional employment for people and state income in terms of business tax of cannabis restaurants.