Feel Germany on Wheels: Best Rental Cars


It is well known that the best roads in the world are in Germany. Considering the moment that the tourist season here continues all year round, the temptation to feel the quality of German roads on a guided car is very large.

Actually, it is better to make an independent trip to Germany by a rented car. The price will depend on the class. You can choose and order a car on the Internet, by contacting a private agency directly after arrival in the country or immediately it the airport.

To rent a car in Germany you need an international driving license and a bankcard with sufficient deposit amount.

The cost of Germany car rental usually includes: mileage without mileage restrictions, insurance against theft and damage (using a franchise), VAT. In addition, you can purchase for additional equipment. In many agencies, it is necessary to purchase additional insurance if the driver is younger than 25 years.

The approximate cost of renting a class C car with insurance is from 80-90 EUR per day.

If you have already been in Berlin and want something new – go to Frankfurt. In order to make your travelling comfortable, it is important to choose the right car. There is a great choice of cars in the car rental in Frankfurt airport; the best of them are the following:

Mitsubishi L200 fifth generation

The body of this car is placed on a spar frame capable of withstanding a heavy load when driving off-road and country roads, and when transporting goods. The interior is spacious, looks beautiful, the lining is wearproof as well as high- quality plastic. On the rear seats, even very high passengers will feel comfortable. Behind the reclining backs, there is a mini-trunk for various small things. The fuel consumption is 7-8 l / 100 km. The machine is designed for people who appreciate practicality, economy and active recreation.

KIA Carens

This car has a comfortable spacious interior and a large trunk with additional seats for two passengers, mobile and adjustable seats and a lot of pockets. The interior is very comfortable, and passengers will not be crowded. Carens is great for traveling to distant distances. With a quiet ride outside the city, the car spends only 6 liters of fuel per 100 km and 8 liters in the city.

Skoda Roomster

In some car rental, you can find this small house on wheels, which will be convenient for passengers having arranged a lot of space, pockets and shelves for ideal journey. The rear seats are located slightly higher than the front ones, allowing passengers to admire the local scenery. It consumes from 4.5 to 9 liters per 100 km.

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

The machine has a durable body and is considered the safest in its class. The interior is also of a high standard. All passengers will be comfortable, and a panoramic glass in a half-roof will allow you to enjoy the trip. This is an excellent solution for long journeys, especially for passengers with children. Fuel consumption – up to 7 l/100 km.

Ford Grand C-MAX

This seven-seater car is perfect for traveling by family or company. Folding of the seats, safety sound system, economical and environmentally friendly engine, low fuel consumption (about 10 l/100 km in general) – it is about this car. So traveling on it will not be very burdensome for your wallet.

If you decided to rent a car – choose the best one. Otherwise, your journey will bring you not pleasure and positive emotions, but a headache and anguish.