Weekly Lottery at Shangri La Tbilisi: 35000 GEL for Tables and 7500 GEL for Slots


Shangri La Tbilisi run by Storm International, awarded the Golden Brand Prize, holds Weekly Lottery in 2018. There are lotteries for slot players and table game players. Everyone who plays, can get an additional jackpot, declared Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

Weekly Lottery is held every week. The prize fund for slot players is 7 500 GEL. The prize fund for table players is 35 000 GEL. It is enough to make a bet of a few cents to take part in the drawing. Every ticket has an equal chance.

CEO of Storm International, Darren Keane, explained the sizes of prizes. Table players can win 3 x 500 GEL, 2 x 750 GEL, 3 x 1000 GEL, 1500 GEL, 3 x 2500 GEL, 5000 GEL, 7500 GEL. There is also an additional Jackpot – 7500 GEL. Slot prizes are 4 x 300 GEL, 3 x 400 GEL, 2 x 500 GEL, 600 GEL, 1000 GEL, 2500 GEL.