Contribution of Lathe Machine to Manufacturing


Lathe machine is one of the most popular and essential equipment in the machine industryused in shaping and sizing metals. It generally holds the work piece for various operations performed on it like turning, facing, knurling, chamfering and other forming operations. They were originally used to machine metals but now also machines wood, plastic and other materials

History of lathe machine

Lathe machines are the mother of all tools and dated back to ancient Egypt around 1300BCE. It was very important equipment during industrial revolution. Ancient China also used rotary lathes for sharpening tools and weapons. Therefore, the contribution of lathes started a long time ago and today computerized numerical control or CNC lathes coexist in the manufacturing industry.


The basic lathe machine tool can be classified into different categories which are,

  • Method: There are different methods that you can use to shape the metal with the help of metal cutting tools and forming equipments. The relative motion of the tool and work-piece, and, the geometry of the cutting tool are the two factors to form and generate methods.
  • Control of tool movement: By this classification you can get an idea about the difference between convectional machines and CNCmachines. CNC machines acquire a dominant position in the market.
  • Applications: The lathe machines are used for basically two purposes; one for general purpose and another for specialreasons.

Popular lathes in the industry

Lathe machines are designed to work on medium, large and heavy work pieces. It can be classified into heavy duty, light duty and medium duty machines.

  • Heavy duty: For the manufacturing industry, heavy duty lathes are made with special mechanical features in order to enable it to handle heavy thrust and forces during metal shaping. The design of this machine type also helps to operate with minimal vibration. They are used in top grade machining industry. They are also utilized in various industrial sectors like power plant industry, mining industry, paper industry, shipping and etc.
  • Light duty: Another type of lathe machines which has applications like wood working, turning, tapering, metal spinning, slotting and other such lighter works. It offers affordable solution for higher machining accuracy and better finishing of surface. The main features include big spindle bore, light lathe bed, and hardened and ground guide-way.
  • Medium duty: Mainly for shaping and bending various materials, medium duty lathe machines are made by Pathak industries. It can produce high-end solid materials of accurate and superior quality. It processes high-end solid metals in bulk quantities.

Summing up

The lathe machines are the most powerful instrument in metal shaping industry. They are efficient for crafting objects and handling the toughest shaping works in manufacturing industries and workshops. It can easily be operated and controlled in order to cast a wide range of shapes from raw metal sheets. Modern machine manufacturers, Pathak machine tools have equipped latest technologies that make machine installation easy. It also ensures swift, clean and precise tasks in time. It is energy saving and can last longer.