Tel Aviv and Singapore Stock Exchanges Launch Technology Partnership


The stock exchanges of Singapore and Tel Aviv have teamed up to present a plethora of new opportunities to publicly listed technology companies and startups in both the countries. The technology partnership is primarily aimed at facilitating capital investments in the technology sector and to help companies access the markets across Asia.

Both Tel Aviv Stock Exchange or TASE and Singapore Exchange or SGX are relatively small when you compare either with the stock exchanges in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China or India. It is almost imperative for smaller stock exchanges in the world to come together to offer a much broader platform and access to more financial resources as well as trading opportunities. A similar approach has been advocated by the governments of Singapore and Israel for quite some time now. Singapore has succeeded in facilitating dual listing on some regional stock exchanges in Asia. Israel has also managed the same with a few countries. The two are now bring their expertise together to usher in a new era.

Israel is one of the most exciting hubs in the world for startups. The country is known for its technological prowess. Singapore is witnessing an expanding startup scene and it would definitely need the influx of more capital. The city state is also known for its business friendly environment, right from the government initiatives to the plethora of financial services that the private and public companies based in the country excel in.

Loh Boon Chye, the CEO of Singapore Exchange, said that the partnership will strengthen the technology sector and also fuel the ambitions of the republic to become a global hub for research and development. The exchange will be collaborating with Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to help local companies raise capital through the international network and the platform it offers. The exchange in Tel Aviv will also be providing access to its markets and investors in Israel will have a more lucid ecosystem to facilitate easier transactions and to explore various investment opportunities.

Israel is famous for its entrepreneurial successes. The country invests the most in startups. The quantum of venture capital investments is among the highest for small nations. The nation has the distinction of having the highest per capital spending into research and development. This is factoring in the spending of all other countries around the world, regardless of their geographical size, population and gross domestic product.

Singapore is one of the Most Business-Friendly Countries in the World. It has just the right kinds of financial services and government policies to help new businesses flourish and established businesses expand beyond the island. Tel Aviv and Singapore Stock Exchanges have pledged to aid technology firms that need capital funding across Asia to fuel their regional or global expansion. The exchanges would also assist these companies through the phases of prelisting and listing. Such companies can opt for be listed on both stock exchanges, thereby enhancing their outreach and access to interested investors.

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