Benefits of the Folx app in customizing Download speed


One of the crucial tasks that we do on our computers is to download things. Downloading is an important thing and helps in keeping things in the storage of our computers. As we can guess a WiFi or an internet connection is needed to download the things. But several people have limited data access and they cannot download all things at the same time. Also, sometimes priority has to be put on some files. Normal browsers do show you the time but you cannot customize their download speed. All you can do is download them one by one, but it gets time-consuming. The Folx app can definitely help people who are in similar situations.

Features of the Folx application:

  • After downloading this application you will be able to download multiple things at same time. Additionally, you will also be able to tweak the download speed that you want for the specific documents. You will have the ability to manually input a speed which is great if you have limited data. The speed ranges from 5kb to 2MB which is great.

  • The smart speed adjustment option is another great feature as the app helps to optimize download speed on Mac. Then the application will choose a download speed that works well with all the files.

  • You may also use the ‘Limit by Time’ option on the app which helps you in scheduling the download speed. This is great if the download speed of your broadband or interment changes according to the time. You may even customize the speed according to days.

Who will find the Folx application useful?

  • People who have a limited access to high speed or quality data will definitely find this app useful. They have the ability to customize the download of all the files that they need.

  • People who face a higher internet speed night may also have a lot of usage from this app. They may schedule a higher download speed at night so that the downloads get done sooner.

  • Anyone who is using a Mac computer and wants to have extra customization on their hands will love the Folx application. They may easily use it on their computer as it doesn’t even need much space.

So, through this information, you can see the usefulness of the Folx app. Any Mac user may download the app and use it for a nominal charge to see its benefits. It is just a search away from them.