Best Car Rental Companies in New Zealand


Enjoying a sizzling summer in the Southwestern Pacific is pegged upon finding the best car rental companies in New Zealand because of the extensive nature of this tourist destination, the wide variety of car rental services available and the restrictions which exist in various parts of the country. While travelling between the Northern and Southern Islands for instance, it is important to note that most car rental companies do not allow their cars onto the ferries. This notwithstanding, here is a list of the top-rated, affordable and highly efficient companies to choose from:

Apex Car Rentals

This is one of the largestcar rental companies which is privately owned in New Zealand, boasting of atleast 1500 cars. A majority of these are new model and uniquely air conditioned vehicles that are fit for self-drive holidays and family vacations in thecountry. The company’s services are well-distributed all through New Zealand, with exclusive rental terms and conditions which are legally binding irrespective of the circumstances. Right from small-size hatch auto cars tofull-size SUVs such as the latest Toyota Highlander, one’s budget and personal preferences will determine the exact car to hire.

Hertz Car Rentals

The company has more than 50 locations which are conveniently located and evenly distributed through New Zealand, serving airports, towns and major cities. It has diversified its services through the largefleet of vehicles available, with the implication that there are new model vehicles which can fit every formal and informal occasion. Besides, the company has invested in economical cars for the round-town travel events, not to forget four-wheel drives that are suited for the rough terrain.

Avis Car Rentals

Avis is an international company with more than 5, 000 locations across 165 countries, making it one of the most experienced and reliable travel partners to use whilein New Zealand. Besides using modern vehicles, the company provides roadside services to abate any form of inconvenience in case there is a breakdown. The cars range in size and sophistication but the prices are surprisingly affordable, a reason why the company has enjoyed a lot of global competitiveness.

Budget Car Rentals

Are you visiting NewZealand for a short duration? If yes, Budget Car Rentals is the most appropriate company to use because its services are fast, efficient and friendly. With an elaborate blend of vintage and new model vehicles, this company offers all visitors and natives an opportunity to hit the road in comfort and style. It has approximately 50 locations which connect towns, airports and major cities, which adds an element of suitability.


This is one of the few companies which have invested heavily in the newest rental cars that one can find in any market. It is a great opportunity for travelers because the organization offers a chance to see, drive and do more while in the country. Specifically, this company is good for family trips because of its affordability.

In a word, therefore, NewZealand is a great tourist and business center, owing to the vibrant cities, exotic transport network, bubbling geysers, epic biking trails and magicalforests. With the help of the best car rental companies, it is possible toindulge and enjoys the local cuisine, besides recording a bespoke luxury experience.