Here’s Why You Should Not Ignore A Chipped Tooth


When you look in the bathroom mirror and see a chipped tooth, it may seem something too negligible for a Landsdowne dentist to do something about, but having a chipped tooth can lead to problems in the future. Let’s go over what you should know about chipped teeth.

Why It Happens

Chipped teeth can happen for a variety of reasons. The usual reason is biting down on hard foods. This can range from hard candy or something fried foods. You might even have bitten down on actual bone. There are also the times when you get into an accident and your teeth get hit. This could be enough force to damage and chip them.

However, teeth can be very hard and they don’t just chip or break easily. Your chipped teeth may be a symptom of something worse. Cavities can severely weaken a tooth. This can lead them to chipping or breaking.

Why You Should Treat It

A chipped tooth needs to be treated as quickly as possible. This is because leaving it alone can have several negative effects on your dental health. Plus a chipped tooth doe does not look good when you smile.

More importantly, a chipped tooth means that the outer layer of your tooth has been damaged. Teeth may seem simple, but they are actually made of different parts. The core of a tooth is the pulp and is nourished by blood. To protect this core is layers and layers of teeth material. The outermost layer is the toughest and it handles much of the protection duties.

However, when your teeth get chipped, that protection is breached. This exposes your teeth to potential damage. When left alone, your teeth can possibly get infected or worse. Chipped teeth may not seem like much, but it can be just the beginning of you losing the tooth in the future.

Before that though, you can also experience a lot of discomfort and pain. Without the outer covering, the nerves in your teeth can feel things a lot more sensitively. This means that hot or cold meals and drinks can cause you pain, while sharper flavors can make your teeth radiate pain.

The Treatment Options

This is why you will want your teeth treated as quickly as possible. Depending on the size of the chipped tooth, you will have different treatment for the damage. Before visiting the dentist, better rinse out your mouth so that the dentist can see the damage clearly.

Small damage should be easy enough to resolve. The dentist will most likely apply some filling or bonding. The filling material is mixed and then applied to your teeth. You will be able to feel the difference. After that, the material is shaped to your particular tooth.

For more severe damage, there are two options. First, there are caps and crowns that are heavier versions of fillings. Second, there is tooth removal followed by the installation of a replacement. In the most desperate situation, a root canal is often done to fully clean out the damaged area.
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