Few Things That People Love To Do At Miami


Miami is one of the major port cities in the South of Florida state in the United States. People here love to party and enjoy time in strip clubs. Besides that, they are also engaged in number of other activities that most of the people in Miami would love to do.

During food tours Miami you will notice that the local people love to do the following things:

  • Tattoo the area code

You will find in most of the youngsters have tattooed 305 on their hand, which is area code of Miami.

  • While not working

People do not like to talk much about what they did for the whole week rather they prefer to sit near the beach and post pictures about how they spent the weekend.

  • Language

People prefer to speak English by mixing Spanish language which they call it as Spanglish.

  •  Standard answer

You will always get a standard answer “I don’t know” if you ask any of the Miamian why sandwiches in Publix is better than any other places.

  • Talk about Miami

Anyone who lived in Miami for at least 6 months and more and if you try to ask them anything about Miami then they will both love and hate something about this destination.

  • Boat

None of the boys here may own any boat of their own but they will invite their girl friends and tell her that the boat is his.

  • Always pay in cash

Whatever jobs the people may be engaged but if they hire any kind of service then they will always prefer to pay in cash.

  • Humidity

By virtue of the city being nears the seaside and hence the climate usually is hot and humid. People may hate it however when they open the door and get the blast of hot air but will always say “Welcome home!”