Choosing the best Floor Buffers of the market

Home Improvement


Well, today there are many options to have one good floor buffers for your home. Since you will not expand on floor buffers every year you must look out for the best floor buffer for home use. The cost of these floor buffers varies within a range, hence always go for the best possible floor buffers. Never save money on the cost of some good quality. Remember in most cases the cost of floor buffers depends basically on the durability, utility value, low maintenance and warranty of the product.

Buying Consideration

Never forget some important points when you are purchasing any floor buffer. Make sure that you bought the floor buffer with the required power for your home. You must check that the structure of the device is not awkward. While selecting the device the floor size and its type are very important. The floor traffic is a vital issue that should be considered in buying the device.

Common Mistakes

If you don’t select the right pad size while making the purchase of a floor buffer, then you a entering into a problem. Cleaning floors with inappropriate pad sized floor buffer can be a big problem for you.

Best 3 products

You already know what you should consider while buying floor buffers. Not check up some exclusive floor buffers on the market.

  1. Bissell Spin wave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner: The light weighted device can be easily maneuvered. Mop pads can be easily removed and washed for reuse.


  • It cleans even the most difficult areas of your room. The strong build of the device and adjustable handle makes this buffer very convenient for use.


  • Swirl marks are left because of scrubbing pads.
  1. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner: Nozzle of 11.5 inches and 1.5 tank capacity makes this device a great possession for the house owner.


  • Spinning scrub brushes with counter rotation give gentle cleaning for your floors.


  • Takes a little longer time for perfect cleaning.
  1. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Floor Machine: Highly appreciated for its all-around versatile capacity. The advanced oscillating motion makes this device to be an ideal selection for commercial houses.


  • In comparison to the service, the cost is really low.


  • Brushes are sold separately and the only 120V is supported.

In any intelligent purchase, you need to follow certain steps. Here we were dealing with the purchase of floor buffer that we expect to be of some genuine help in buying the device.