Crucial Facts Related To The Fertility Check-Up


When a couple faces issues in having a baby, then they are considering the way of fertility checkup. The way of fertility checkup helps them in finding out the perfect reason by which they are facing issues. If you are looking for fertility check-up in Singapore, then you should take a suggestion from experts. Online sources can help you here.

It is not sure that always infertility problems appear with females. Sometimes, males are weaker, or due to some reasons, they cannot be considered as the fertile. Due to this, the fertility checkup is performing with both males and females for getting a solution to the couple issues.

Infertility facts related to males & females

Most of the individuals do not know the exact reasons for infertility. If you are one of these individuals, then the following details can help you a lot.

Female infertility reasons

If we talk about the infertility of females, then there are three major reasons appear such as –

  • Egg delivery

Some females are facing egg delivery issues by which they cannot meet with sperms. The reasons for improper egg delivery are –blockages in fallopian tubes.

  • Egg production

Sometimes, the issues are appearing due to the improper egg production. Mainly these egg-related issues are taking help due to the hormonal imbalances. The hormonal imbalance appears for two reasons such as – lots of stress or naturally.

  • Fertilized egg implantation

Most of the times, the females are facing issues with related to the implantation of fertilized eggs. There are different types of issues available by which it happens to like – fibroids, cysts, endometriosis or polyps.

There are different types of ways available by which females can avoid or eliminate these issues easily.

Male infertility reasons

In the case of males, there are only two basic reasons available those are affecting fertile conditions. Following are these –

  • Sperm production

Production of sperms is playing a crucial role in getting successful fertile results. The production is affected with low quality or count of sperm. These things are becoming a reason for abnormal structure or low motility of sperms.

  • Sperm delivery

In case the sperms are not delivered properly then these things are becoming reasons for lots of issues. The sperm delivery issues are appearing due to blockage issues with sperm ducts. It creates barriers to erectile dysfunction.

These both issues of infertile males can be treated easily.

Factors related to fertility check up

Many couples are looking for fertility check up in Singapore, and they are also trying to get information about the complete process. For proper check up following activities can be performed by the professionals.

  • History – the experts, check out the fertility history of both male and female.
  • Ultrasound – the womb of a female is tested with the help of ultrasound process.
  • Blood test – a blood test is done with the woman (no necessary every time).
  • Tube checkup – an X-ray process is performed for checking the condition of the fallopian tube.
  • Male check up – tests are done with male’s sperms.

For these tests, the couples are required to consider the way of experienced service providers.