A Clean Sweep for the Tennis Court


A clean sweep in tennis refers to a player’s ability to win a match in two or three straight sets. Tennis Court Sweepers refer to something much better than that. It is the use of a specifically designed piece of equipment that is used to keep the court clean and free of debris.  Removing loose particles from the surface of a tennis court means better play for the players and a better experience for fans.

Why is it important to have access to Tennis Court Sweepers? It’s a quick and easy way to maintain the integrity of the court and level the playing field (court) for all players. The equipment is no different than that used to remove debris at airports, race tracks, and other surfaces that need to remain free of dirt and from objects that could impact a plane’s ability to land or a race car tire’s ability to adhere to the roadway.

How it Works

Think about the sweeper in the same way baseball infields are raked between innings at a major league ballpark. A large netted screen is dragged across the surface to smooth out the field and remove sharp objects and other forms of debris referred to as Foreign Object Debris or FOD. The larger debris is collected and can be shaken out of the sweeper away from the playing surface, thus safely removing it and any potential for hazard.

It is a preferred solution to the more traditional method for keeping the court clean and debris-free. Court sweepers are the more common way to keep and maintain a court but they are bulky pieces of equipment that require a lot of labor (which could add to overall maintenance costs). A Tennis Court Sweeper may be an economical and efficient solution as the design of the sweeper allows it to cover more court surface area in less time.

The Importance of Debris Removal

The debris and loose material found on a tennis court can affect the way the ball lands when hit between players. The build up of these materials on the court, FOD, can also present a safety issue for the players on the tennis court. Tennis Court Sweepers provide an easy and quick way to remove FOD from the court.

Don’t discount the importance of maintaining a clean playing surface, especially for important matches. A slip or fall because of FOD can do more than alter scoring in a match. It has the potential to cause a leg or muscle strain or even worse injury to a player. The removal of any and all possible impediments is priority one for a groundskeeper and the use of a Tennis Court Sweeper is designed to help keep the court in its most pristine state.