Choosing the Right Musical Entertainment for Your Business Event


Planning a business event can be tricky, even under the best circumstances. This is partially the case because there are so many different personalities and people have different preferences in music. Some might prefer a Rock & Roll band, while others might prefer a ceilidh band. You also have to remain mindful of any requirements related to business policies. In addition, there’s the issue of making sure the entertainment of your choice shows up on time and engages the crowd. When you really start to think about everything that’s involved, you might decide to just hire a DJ instead. If you forge ahead with live entertainment, there are a few things that you should consider. 

The purpose of hiring entertainment for a business event is usually to create an environment of fun that allows people to feel energized so that they can enjoy themselves. It’s often a celebration at the end of the year or in response to an achievement. Either way, you want to make the right choice based on your unique needs and goals. One of the first steps is to defineyour goals so that everyone is on the same page. If your event is for networking purposes, then you’ll want to seek entertainment that cultivates the right atmosphere to facilitate that kind of engagement. It might be the exact opposite of what you would choose for an end of the year celebration. 

Getting everyone involved is a good way to create buy-in. This can be accomplished by distributing a simple questionnaire that allows everyone across the organization to choose from a handful of options. It’s best to narrow down the options in order to simply the process. In addition to soliciting feedback from all employees, you’ll want to establish a planning committee that’s comprised of representatives from each department because they can provide more honest feedback that you might not otherwise receive. 

The number of people that you anticipate attending the event is important because the size of the venue is a factor in the kind of entertainment that you choose. Smaller venues will not accommodate certain types of bands because of their equipment. When choosing the band, you’ll want to meet with them in advance to establish a written agreement covering what’s expected and how much will be paid. This is also the point where you decide what songs will be played and the amount of autonomy they will have throughout the event. For example, you might choose to allow requests from the audience, or you might decide that the band is entirely responsible for the playlist. You can even allow them to play any music from a certain genre or decade. 

The budget allocated for the event will dictate who you can hire. There are some instances where the budget simply does not enable live entertainment. These days, a DJ can be just as entertaining as a live band, but not as expensive. The key is to find a DJ that can accommodate your specific needs. One of the benefits of having a DJ is that you have more options when it comes to the range of music they can play.