EMR shield-Provide Protection from Harmful Radiation

At present time, everyone uses electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, cordless phones, laptop, computer and other devices for various purposes. The electronic devices generate harmful electromagnetic radiation. The radiations are very harmful to human health. There are some health issues from electromagnetic radiations such as a headache, migraine, brain damage and many others. The […]

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Wonderful Indonesia

Istana Merdeka And Istana Negara

Standing  majestically  on the north side of the large Merdeka Square stands Istana Merdeka Istana Negara, or the Freedom Palace, the Official Residence and Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Facing the large Merdeka Square, here every 17th August  on Indonesia’s Independence Day the State Ceremony is held  on its steps and the […]

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Logistics for the future

For business to function there are a lot of departments that have work together with each other, co-ordinate with other and then produce a result. Each department has its own importance and functions according to the roles and responsibilities assigned to them. To ensure best services to customer and function smoothly it is very necessary […]

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