Wonderful Indonesia

Istana Merdeka And Istana Negara

Standing  majestically  on the north side of the large Merdeka Square stands Istana Merdeka Istana Negara, or the Freedom Palace, the Official Residence and Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Facing the large Merdeka Square, here every 17th August  on Indonesia’s Independence Day the State Ceremony is held  on its steps and the […]

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Find Your Learning Style

We as a species never cease to learn and acquire knowledge. Every day we learn something or the other through our daily endeavors. Studying to gain knowledge is not an overnight process as it takes a while as the foundation of information has to be built from the ground up. Thus it is important that […]

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Prison Overcrowding With Decreasing Crime Rates?

It is pretty much common knowledge that the correctional facilities in the United States are entirely understaffed and overcrowded. So much so, that many states are looking into clemency for low-risk inmates. A lesser known fact; is that crime rates have dropped dramatically in the United States over the past few decades. National Crime Rates […]

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